Deliverables Reports

D1.1 – Report on electrochemical cell model

D1.2 – Report on  model order reduction

D1.3 – Report on virtual test benches (MiL, SiL, HiL)

D2.3 – Report containing aging test profiles and test results

D2.5 – Development of reliability test procedures for EV BMS

D3.3 – Report on power request prediction for electric vehicles.

D3.5 – Report on driving range prediction and extension algorithm.

D3.7 – Report on describing the effectiveness and further adaptions for the implemented measures.

D6.1 – Analysis of the state of the art on BMS

D6.2 – Requirements and architecture concept of a highly modular prototyping hardware platform

D6.5 – BMS API

D6.7 – Battery Management System Standard

D7.3 – Electric Van Demonstrator

D8.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan

D8.2 – Data Management Plan

D8.3 – White Paper 01: BMS Functions

D8.5 – White Paper 02: SoC Definition

D8.6 – White Paper 03: Evaluation of SoC Accuracy

D8.7 – White Paper 04: Definition of SOH.

D8.8 – White Paper 05: Cell Testing and Estimation of SOH.

D8.9 – White Paper 06: Balancing – What vs How.

D8.10 – White Paper 07: Evaluation Cell Balancing.

D8.11 – White Paper 08: Power Capability

D8.12 – White Paper 09: Energy Management vs Battery Management

D8.13 – White Paper 10: Battery Management for Different Types of Batteries

D8.14 – White Paper 11: Battery Thermal Management.

D8.15 – White Paper 12: BMS Standardization.

D8.16 – White Paper 13: Future of BMS.