Work Package 7: Demonstrator Development


The objective of this work package is to integrate the technologies developed in WP2-6 in a demonstrator and validate them. Demonstrator will be a full-size 40kWh battery pack build from NMC battery cells. The final goal is to integrate all innovations and demonstrate them in driving electric vehicle. Demonstrator will be ready for use in electric utility van of Voltia, that has easy battery swapping opportunity. Vehicle equipped with demonstrator is expected to have 150km driving range in all weather conditions and fully loaded (3.5 tons). Interfaces between battery pack and vehicles will be adjusted together to secure reliable and safe operation. Charging of battery pack will be possible in vehicle as well as in battery swapping station. Besides vehicle validation, the demonstrator will undergo a set of standardized tests to prove its safety, thermal, mechanical and functional worthiness, including the tests defined in WP2.

Partners involved: Voltia (lead) and all other partners