Work Package 7: Demonstrator Development

(Updated: December 2018)


Integration and validation of the technologies developed in WP2-6 in two demonstrators.

PARTNERS: Voltia (Lead), Vito, CEA, Siemens, TUM, TUV-SUD, Algolion, RWTH, LionSmart, TU/e, VDL-ETS


  • The first demonstrator will be a full-size 48 kWh battery pack build from NMC battery cells. The final goal is to integrate all innovations and demonstrate them in real-life driving electric vehicles. This demonstrator will be ready for use in an electric utility van of VOLTIA, that has an easy battery swapping opportunity. The vehicle equipped with the EVERLASTING demonstrator battery is expected to have 150km driving range in all weather conditions and fully loaded (3.5 tons). Besides validation in the vehicle, the demonstrator will undergo a set of standardized tests to prove its safety, thermal, mechanical and functional worthiness, including the tests defined in WP2.
  • The second demonstrator will have implementations of new model-based algorithms for full-electric public transport busses developed by VDL-ETS, in which the technologies from WP2 (lifetime estimation) and WP3 (extended driving range) will be validated.


  • Basic dimensions of the battery pack, that will fit in the Voltia eVan, have been determined and the chassis for the battery pack demonstrator has been manufactured.
  • First versions of driver coaching algorithms have been implemented and tested on the full-electric transport bus showing very promising numbers of increased energy efficiency.


WP7 Demonstrator development VOLTIA RWTH, VDL, ALGOLiON, VITO, TUV SUD, LION Smart, TUM, TUE, Siemens, CEA
7.1 Mechanical design of battery pack demonstrator VOLTIA 37 40
7.2 Integration of innovative BMS features into demonstrator VOLTIA 32 43
7.3 Demonstrator battery pack construction VOLTIA 40 43
7.4 In-vehicle activation of demonstrator battery pack VOLTIA 43 45
7.5 Demonstrator battery pack validation and testing TUV SUD 44 48
7.6 Validation of SoH algorithm on full electric bus VITO VDL ETS 6 48
7.7 Verification and testing of full electric bus VDL ETS 37 48