Concept & Approach

Electric vehicles and their batteries are complex systems and therefore issues with respect to range anxiety, cost, safety and reliability have to be addressed on every level of the system: the materials, the cells, the system design, the battery management system (BMS) and ultimately on the vehicle level and in the interaction with its environment.

In EVERLASTING, we intend to help solve the issues of range anxiety, cost, reliability and safety of EV battery systems by developing flexible, modular, cost-effective battery management technologies based on an in-depth understanding of the internal state of the battery enabling pro-active control at the cell-level.

Project information

The EVERLASTING project will result in a prototype battery pack, including a model-based BMS that will be designed according to a proposed standard architecture and interfaces. This battery pack will use BMS technologies developed in the project to prove their relevance and applicability in a real vehicle. Secondly, the BMS technologies to accurately predict (irrespective of battery aging) and to extend the driving range will be demonstrated in a full electric bus.