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New white paper: Definition of SOH

In this white paper  different possible definitions of State of Health (SoH) are discussed. In general, the SoH is a measure for the health of the battery. Depending on the application, the demands asked from the battery can vary. Does the health only involve the capacity that can be delivered or does it also take […]

ITS World Congress – Copenhagen

EVERLASTING will be part of a special session during the ITS World Congress that is taking place in Copenhagen from 17-21 Spetember, 2018. The Congresses provides the ideal opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business by exhibiting and demonstrating state of the […]

Deliverable Reports: February 2018

A new set of public deliverable reports of the EVERLASTING project has been published: D2.5 – Development of reliability test procedures for EV BMS D8.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan D8.2 – Data Management Plan D8.6 – White Paper 03: Evaluation of SoC Accuracy These deliverables can be found on and downloaded from Results / Deliverables page this website.