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White Paper: Electric vehicles’ enhanced performance and integration into the transport system and the grid

This white paper intends to address the standardization of Battery Management Systems. It includes the scope and significance of standardization and its positive impact on the technical, economic and societal grounds D8.15 – White Paper. Other deliverables can be found and downloaded from Results / Deliverables page this website.

Electric van demonstrator

This report documents the VOLTIA Demonstrator, which is 42,9 kWh battery pack. The Demonstrator includes innovations developed within the EVERLASTING project and a tailor-made BMS. The battery pack is designed to be compatible with the VOLTIA eVan which is a 3,5 ton electric utility vehicle with easy battery swapping feature. Detailed documentation of the Demonstrator […]

Report on driving range prediction and extension algorithm

This report documents several approches aim to optimize and to predict the driving range in terms of energy. The compendium of publications obtained from these efforts are included as appendixes of this report. Furthermore, a preliminary experimental study shows that optimization of the vehicle energy consumption can lead to a reduction in energy consumption of 6.94%, […]

White Paper: Battery Management for Different Types of Batteries

In this white paper we will discuss the battery management for different types of batteries. Battery management systems are an accepted feature in Li-ion battery applications, but their use with other types of batteries is discussed much less. In this white paper we will discuss whether battery management systems can be useful for other types […]

Deliverable Report on virtual test benches (MiL, SiL, HiL)

The report summarizes the work done for the development of different virtual test bench models. The objectives of such model are the capability to model the complete vehicle for different scopes, like energy management purpose or battery management system (BMS) control calibration / validation. D1.3 – Deliverable Report. Other deliverables can be found and downloaded from Results […]