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Deliverable Report on virtual test benches (MiL, SiL, HiL)

The report summarizes the work done for the development of different virtual test bench models. The objectives of such model are the capability to model the complete vehicle for different scopes, like energy management purpose or battery management system (BMS) control calibration / validation. D1.3 – Deliverable Report. Other deliverables can be found and downloaded from Results […]

White Paper: Evaluation of Cell Balancing

  This white paper addresses the topic of cell balancing, especially how balancing strategies can be evaluated regarding their specified goal. First, the actual need for cell balancing is discussed. Subsequently, different balancing goals are defined, depending on the energy storage application. Finally, a balancing strategy is derived, which is suitable for most applications. D8.10 […]

Report on Electrochemical Cell Model

The report summarizes the activities and achievements of work package (WP) 1 regarding the “Cell level detailed modelling” task (Task 1.1). Over the first two years in the EVERLASTING project, different experimental methods were applied on electrode/electrolyte and cell level of the INR18650-MJ1 lithium-ion cell, which is the project cell of the EVERLASTING project. The […]

New white paper: Definition of SOH

In this white paper  different possible definitions of State of Health (SoH) are discussed. In general, the SoH is a measure for the health of the battery. Depending on the application, the demands asked from the battery can vary. Does the health only involve the capacity that can be delivered or does it also take […]